Marcus & Marcus -Baby Security Blanket

Marcus & Marcus -Baby Security Blanket

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Marcus & Marcus Soothing Blanket is an extra soft and cuddly animal-shaped blanket that can provide sensory stimulation for your baby.

Soothing blankets have shown to be beneficial to children when they are away from their mother. It can aid with child development by offering emotional support while your baby develops their own independence. A fastener on the blanket lets you attach a pacifier or a toy to the soothing blanket. The Soothing Blanket is free of BPA, phthalate and harmful chemicals. Choose from Marcus the Lion, Pokey the Pig, Lola the Giraffe and Lucas the Hippo.

BPA/Phthalate free, Hook on characters hand to hold pacifier or toys, Sensory stimulation, Harmful chemicals free, Easy to clean.

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