TOI Dino Go Chess Game

TOI Dino Go Chess Game

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Looking for a board game that will develop your kids ability logically without losing their fun and enthusiasm?

Dino Go Logical Thinking Board Games and Mathematics Learning

Games Game Type 1

Help the dinosaurs escape from the volcano. Throw the dice and arrange the dice accordingly with colours nearby of your location, if only 3 out of 5 colours nearby to you, you can move 3 steps. Sometimes if no colour matching, you cannot move at all and need to skip one round. The player who move faster is the winner!

Game Type 2

Throw the numbers dice. The sum of 2 dices equal to the place that you go on, eg: Dice 1 + Dice 2 3+4=7 You can move 7 steps. Player that landed on dino's egg need to go back to the place with nearest egg. The player that reach the finish line first is the winner.

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