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    We stock a range of imaginative, engaging, and creative kids play equipment and toys - ideal for indoor play. High quality and meeting all safety standards, our products are designed to delight, promote early learning as well as encourage cognitive development, social skills, and hone very important fine motor skills. Imaginative play is an important part of every child's development - made more fun through kids slide and swing sets.  You're guaranteed to find something for almost any age in here!  Many of these products are also outdoor-friendly.

    Shop Kids Slide and Swing Sets Online

    Kids Slide & Swing sets are a firm garden favorite and encourage outdoor play all-year round. Inspire new interests and watch children develop both confidence and agility in physical play. We believe all children should have the benefit of being able to play, learn and develop safely outside. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers throughout Australia the very best value outdoor play equipment. Our all-in-one swing sets and kids’ slides are compact, cost effective and durable. Meaning you can fit more into your garden, in less space and for a lower cost.

    Explore Outdoor Play Equipment: Swing Sets and Kids slide!

    Kids love the outdoors, regardless of weather or temperature. They'll happily run about the yard, dig, climb or swing for hours if allowed. Creating an outdoor play area is vital in allowing your children to enjoy physical exercise, nature, and fresh air from the safety of your own backyard.

    We offer a variety of play equipment with kids swing sets, slides for kids, and more besides. Enabling your children to learn and practice physical and social skills as they play in the comfort and security of your garden.

    Introducing toddlers to different movements through play enables them to improve their motor skills while building confidence. Introducing movement develops their balance and coordination. As children get older, they can refine these skills and begin to develop strength with activities such as monkey bar climbers or swinging with their siblings and friends. All whilst you keep a watchful eye over them.  

    Kids Outdoor Slides

    We are yet to meet a child yet who doesn’t enjoy the liberating, simple joy of an outdoor slide! Outdoor slides are popular playground accessories as children of all ages like them. Our range of play equipment with slides comes in a selection of sizes, shapes and styles to suit kids of all ages, and gardens of all sizes! Our slides are reinforced because we know they climb up as well as slide down. Our kids slide includes wider platform and high handrails to aid entry and to keep kids retained on the way down, plus a non-slip silicone pad at the bottom so they don't shoot of into the ground. Both to keep bumps and grazes to a minimum, allowing you to put the feet up free of worry.

    Kids Swing Sets

    Swings have been around for years, and everyone seems to develop memories and friendships on swing sets at home or out at the park using this popular toy. Our kids swing sets all include a flexible belt swing and a toddler slide with multiple colours including pink, green, blue, yellow and everything in between. A simple swing offers so much fun and enjoyment and is a fantastic addition to your garden for the kids. Our swings are solidly constructed with solid hangers, durable soft-grip rope and flexible swing seats. Our swing seats grip kids’ hips, giving them confidence to swing high without slipping and sliding about. They look fantastic and are sure to be a well-adored fixture in the garden for years to come.

    Why buy Playground Slides for kids from Lupipop

    Lupipop Australia specialize in private domestic play equipment. This enables us to ensure we fit as much as possible onto our set. Our all-in-one sets can fit in smaller gardens and indoor space whilst still including both swings and slides. We cater for everyone regardless of where you live. We have local pick-up depots throughout Australia. We also offer home delivery services for free, can be more convenient for some.

    1. Buy Now Pay Later: shop all the hottest slide and swing set in our indoor playground equipment collection. Buy now pay later options available. Add your favorite playsets items to cart then select your preferred buy now pay later payment method at checkout with Afterpay and Zippay. The fantastic range of kids swing sets and kids slide sold at Lupipop is for home domestic use only, not commercial swing sets for children.
    2. Huge Savings: What good is a great range if it’s not supported by a great price, right? At we have driven the prices of our comprehensive range right down to be one of the most competitive kids swing set retailers in Australia. We are confident we have the perfect kids slide to meet every budget.

    Shop our best sellers today and set them loose! Enjoy fast and free shipping on our playground slides Australia-wide and get ready to see the look of delight on their faces when your kids' swing and slide set arrives at your door. Questions about our range of swing set with slide? Get in touch, and we’ll help you out. 

    The Benefits of Kids Swing Sets

    There is nothing quite like a kids swing set to entertain kids for hours. Some kids like to go as high as possible, some swing low and slow and others twist and turn in their swing, but at the end of the day swinging is actually a very important and beneficial activity for kids. In case you didn’t know, your child is reaping lots of rewards when they are up in the swing:

    1. Calming: for starters, the rocking motion from swinging not only has a calming and soothing effect, but it also helps stimulate the cerebral cortex, which is the section of the brain that helps us focus.
    2. Enhances Coordination: Swinging helps kids improve their spatial awareness and the movement allows them to develop perceptual skills. It also helps them with both gross motor skills, such as pumping their legs, running, and jumping onto the swing, and pushing other swingers, and fine motor skills, like hand, arm, and finger coordination as well as grip strength.
    3. Strengthens Core & Balance: Swinging also helps kids strengthen their core and develop balance, and swinging plays a role in sensory integration, which refers to the way in which our brains organize and interpret information. Swinging helps with spatial awareness and inner ear balance, and it stimulates the senses. This is important as it creates an essential foundation for complex learning and behavior down the road.
    4. Stimulates the Brain: If you’re wary about letting your kids twist their swings, don’t be! Spinning has been proven to stimulate different parts of a child’s brain, which in turn helps them develop interconnected pathways. Such connections are very important for helping kids learn other skills, including muscle control, balance, and rhythm.

    Visit our online store to choose the best swing set with slide!

    Swing set with slides are a classic in the backyard, that is loved by kids of all ages. They provide fun and help to encourage physical activity, balance, and coordination.

    Childrens slides are especially beneficial for kids because they allow them to experience the thrill of going fast and feeling weightless. This helps to stimulate their senses and encourages them to take risks in a safe environment. Kids Slides also help to promote gross motor skills as kids use their legs and arms to climb up to the top and then use their core muscles to control their descent.

    Kids swing sets provide endless hours of fun. They encourage imaginative play and social interaction. Whether you have a small backyard or a large one, there is a slide to fit your space. So why not give your kids the gift of a slide and swing set today?

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