Can You See What We See?

Our goal at Lupipop is to improve the health and happiness of your kids.

That's why we take immense pride in providing you with long-lived kids accessories that hold the power to ignite their imaginations, spark their curiosity, and create treasured moments that will last forever.

Our carefully selected range of exclusive products aim to be a part of your journey in nurturing a childhood filled with laughter, wonder, and a deep sense of fulfilment…

Brands We Grew With


Functional Multi-Use High Chairs, Activity Play Centre and Montessori inspired self-play toys. We have been selling these for 6 years. Our children have grown up with this range.

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My First Book

The one and only Felt Activity book. Down right fun and yet helps develop self play and fine motor skills. Give space for your kids to build a broad range of positive emotions.

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Snuggle, hug and get attached to our sleep sacks, blankets and sleep based products.

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