Designed to spark imagination and creativity, My First Book is the best felt activity book. An activity book that is captivating and educational.

Inspired from Montessori principals of self play, this book encourages the development of fine motor skills and instills a connection to new emotions.

Let your treasure learn in safe environment about all walks of life. Cows, pilots, flowers, planets of ocean its all there!

    What is My First Book ?

    A Montessori felt activity book is an interactive learning tool designed to promote fine motor skills and cognitive development in children. Through its felt pages or sheets filled with an array of shapes, objects, and scenes, children can engage in hands-on manipulation and arrangement. By utilising their fingers and hands to handle the felt pieces, children enhance their fine motor skills, improving dexterity and coordination. Moreover, the activity book stimulates cognitive development as children explore various shapes, colors, and textures, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and spatial awareness. It provides a dynamic and engaging learning experience that nurtures both physical and cognitive abilities in young learners.

    All of our books are made for development of open minds and space for children to learn to navigate who what and where they want to imagine animals and heroes to be. We do not class any of the books for anything other than what you think your child will love to experience

    Yes, 100% - We recommend taking the parts apart and butting in bra or sock bag.

    Currently when I write this there are 12 though we have some new exciting releases coming. Sign up to our email we will let you know for any upcoming product releases.

    Yes there are no sharp parts or harmful materials included.

    No, a Felt Activity book typically does not contain written words. It primarily consists of tactile and visual elements such as felt shapes, objects, and scenes that children can interact with and arrange. The focus is on hands-on exploration, creativity, and sensory engagement rather than textual content.

    No, a Felt Activity Book is not typically a story book. While it may have scenes or images that can be used to create stories, its primary purpose is to provide hands-on learning and play experiences. Children can arrange and manipulate felt pieces to create different patterns, scenes, or designs, fostering creativity and fine motor skills. It focuses more on open-ended exploration and imaginative play rather than following a specific narrative or storyline found in traditional story books.