AMOS Sun Deco - Animals

AMOS Sun Deco - Animals

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How Sun Deco Works:

1. Fill colors with Sun Deco in various shapes of Suncatchers

2. Place the colored Suncatchers on even surface and let the dry (approx. 8hrs)

3. Link the Suncatchers with a fishline or a chain and use them for your purpose and fun

Set contains: 6 paint colors ,6 ready-to-use suncatchers to paint.

Age: 3Yrs+


Amos is the No.1 brand for kid’s arts & crafts in Korea. Established in 1984, they are leaders in manufacturing top quality items that have now become essential tools in early childhood learning. 

This brand is proudly inspiring kids of all ages by allowing them the creative freedom to express themselves through arts & crafts. 

Amos has a wide range of glues, crayons, clays and paints available - easy and safe to use for even the littlest crafters. 

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