Bopeep Baby Safety Gates Adjustable Retractable Doorways Guard

Bopeep Baby Safety Gates Adjustable Retractable Doorways Guard

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Peace of mind. Your retractable baby gate gives you peace of mind. Pull the gate shut and keep your baby where you want them. Once your baby starts moving, your whole house becomes a potential danger zone. Keep your baby where you want them.

Pets and infants don’t have great listening skills. Install your safety gate for stairs to keep them safe and secure. The PVC mesh provides excellent visibility and is far gentler on your baby that metal gates.

You have a dog. You have some food. You don’t want your dog to get to the food. Use your newly purchased indoor pet gate to stop your dog getting to your food. Serenity at last.

Protect your stairs. Protect your bedroom. Or your kitchen, dining room and so on. Your indoor safety gate blocks a doorway limiting the doorway space. Install on the wall and retract and open as needed.

Use adhesive tape or screws to attach your baby safety gate. Follow the instructions and make sure your measure your space first. You need flat wall on both sides of the door to install the gate. Easy to open once installed.

Key features

  • Wide retractable opening
  • Operate quietly to protect your baby's sleep
  • Soft and strong mesh
  • Adjustable lower bracket height
  • Easy to operate
  • Two installation options

Brand: BoPeep

Material: PVC mesh fabric, ABS

Dimensions: 150cm/300cm x 89cm (L x H)

Colour: Grey/White