Kids Playpen 18 Panels 175cm×165cm

Kids Playpen 18 Panels 175cm×165cm

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The Kids' Play Pen - the ultimate solution for a safe and fun playtime experience for your toddler. With our high-quality playpen, you can create a secure environment for your little one to play with their favorite toys while you have peace of mind. Whether indoors or outdoors, assembly is a breeze, ensuring a tightly connected frame for maximum stability.

Take a well-deserved break and let your child explore freely within the playpen. You can even leave the door open if you want them to have the freedom to roam around. And when it's nap time, the playpen provides a cozy and secure space for your child to rest, giving you a chance to relax as well.

Say goodbye to endless chasing and worries about your child's safety. Our large baby playpen keeps them protected from potential hazards while they enjoy their toys independently. Meanwhile, you can comfortably sit down and enjoy a meal or attend to your household chores, knowing that your child is happily engaged and secure in their playpen.

Thanks to the clever design, our playpen is equipped with sturdy suction cups that keep it firmly in place. No more worries about your little one sliding the playpen around the floor. Safety is our top priority, and with Bo Peep Kids' Play Pen, you can ensure a worry-free playtime experience for both you and your child.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind provided by the Bo Peep Kids

Order yours today and create a safe haven for your child's playtime adventures.


Key Features

  • Flexible 360° rotating connectors
  • 60cm high panels
  • Seamless hinges
  • No sharp edges
  • Safety external lock
  • Non-toxic BPA-free
  • Narrow and safer gaps
  • Quality inspection certificate

Note: Please check the tightness of screws regularly.



Material: HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

Quantity of panels: 18

Fence panels (16): 35cm x 60cm (L x H)

Door panels (2): 60cm x 60cm (L x H)