My First Book 14 | Lucky Cat | Busy Book

My First Book 14 | Lucky Cat | Busy Book

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"My First Book - Lucky Cat," presents a vivid sensory gaming experience for children who love cats. It introduces their habits and contains their adorable playing scenarios, which enhances children’s learning motivation and cognitive development.  Every page of the book will open a window for our little readers, reminding them of kitten’s purring and the fun of playing, which will create a spiritual resonance.

Since ancient times, cats have been important animal companions for many families and their arrogance, gentleness, mischief, and good manners are the reasons.  To understand cats means to understand love, and both parents and children can benefit from the relationship.

My First Book is a series of fabric pages containing activities to entertain and engage your child in their first stages of development. Montessori styled teaching allows children to develop their natural interests through activities. Each book has a complimentary waterproof backpack sold as a set, which aims to teach children the value of cleaning up after playing.

Recommended age: 1+ year old.

  • Designed by qualified and experienced teachers. Each page is devoted to your child’s learning of a single skill.
  • The set includes one fabric book and one backpack.
  • All materials are non-toxic and are safe to use children.