Happy NocNoc LED Eye Protection Desk Lamp

Happy NocNoc LED Eye Protection Desk Lamp

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Invest in our LED Reading Table Lamp by Happy Nocnoc, available at Lupipop. Experience the joy of optimal lighting with this versatile lamp, designed to enhance your family's reading experience. Whether it's bedtime reading or curling up with a book, this lamp provides the perfect lighting solution.

Happy NocNoc Led Reading table lamp

With its wide illumination span of 51 inches and absence of glare or flicker, this lamp ensures a comfortable and enjoyable reading experience for all. Adjust the colour temperature and brightness to create the ideal lighting environment and focus on the text without experiencing eye fatigue.

51 in ultra wide illumination

This ergonomically designed reading lamp is the perfect addition to any setting. Its innovative modes allow you to create a cozy space, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms or any other area where a comforting ambience is desired. Elevate your reading experience with the Happy Nocnoc LED Reading Table Lamp and discover the difference it makes.

color temperature adjustment improve children's creativity and concventration

Advanced features and design set us apart. We offer adjustable colour temperature, ranging from warm white to bright daylight, allowing users to create the perfect lighting ambience for any task.

low glare for reading no shadows for writing

Its smart functionality, easy adjustment settings, and high-quality construction provide a superior reading experience compared to traditional lamps.

flicker free protect children's vision health

Combine all of these features and you get a safe, space to sustain focus without strain or deteriorating any of your vision.

4 smart modes design automatic dimming mode read and write mode seating induction mode timed light off mode advanced eye protection technique 180 rotatable meniscus lamp head design lamp on table

Lamp Size

  • Light = 35cm long
  • Light Pole = Max Height 87cm
  • Folded Height = 49


  • Full Spectrum Lamp Beads
  • 3000-5000k Colour Temperature
  • 130cm Lit up Area
  • One button controls
  • Sensor Activation
  • 180 Degree Rotatable
  • 16.5W
  • Charger

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