Jar Melo Finger Paint - 12 Colours Craft Kit

Jar Melo Finger Paint - 12 Colours Craft Kit

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Introducing the Finger Paint - 12 Colours Craft Kit from Jar Melo!

Ignite your child's creativity with this vibrant and versatile Finger Paint set.

Designed with young artists in mind, this paint is not only bright and colourful but also easy to spread, washable, and safe to use.

It is so fun and educational. Finger painting is more than just a fun activity; it offers numerous developmental, educational, and creative benefits. As children dip their fingers into the paint and explore the colors, they learn about color mixing and how different hues blend together. 

This hands-on experience helps them understand the principles of color theory in a playful and engaging way. Each tube of Finger Paint contains 60ml of paint, providing ample supply for hours of creative fun. The set includes 12 vibrant colours, allowing your child's imagination to run wild. Safety is a top priority, and you can have peace of mind knowing that Jar Melo Finger Paint is specially formulated with non-toxic ingredients. This ensures a worry-free painting experience, allowing children to express themselves freely and without any harmful effects. 

Age: 2Yrs+