Jar Melo Organic Dough - Barbershop Craft Kit

Jar Melo Organic Dough - Barbershop Craft Kit

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Introducing the Jar Melo Barbershop Dough Set - a delightful and creative activity set that promises hours of imaginative play.

This engaging kit features four colourful animal characters, each equipped with specially designed dough presses that allow young artists to extrude long, whimsical hair shapes. Watch in amazement as their doughy animals transform into trendy, funky-haired creatures!

But the fun doesn't stop there; this set includes a range of styling tools to help your child craft and customize their doughy masterpieces.

With plastic scissors included, they can give their fantastic creatures unique haircuts and styles, fostering fine motor skills and unleashing their creative flair.

To add even more excitement, the Barbershop Dough Set includes four different colored doughs, allowing your child to mix and match, creating endless combinations of doughy fun.

Worried about safety? Rest easy knowing that this set is crafted from child-safe, non-toxic paint, making it an ideal choice for young children eager to explore the world of imaginative play. Let your little ones embark on a hair-raising adventure of creativity with the Jar Melo Barbershop Dough Set!

Age: 3Yrs+