Kids Cabinet Container

Kids Cabinet Container

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Where is the best place to store toys and books? Over the entire floor? Nah. Store them all in their very own personalised toy box. Teach your kids the value of putting things away.

Your white wooden toy box can blend perfectly into any room. You can always paint it another color if you like. Let your kids decorate their toy organizer with stickers and glitter glue.

Children are rarely careful. We have this in mind. Your new wooden toy box can be climbed over safely. Stop worrying about your kids breaking something or toppling their new toy chest.

Build your very own toy storage box. Grab your screwdriver and spend ten minutes screwing all the panels together. Just use the easy-to-follow instructions to build your toy box.

Your toy chest can fit into any room in the house. Living room bedroom kid’s playroom and more. Can also be used as a seat or table which makes it doubly helpful.

Key Features

  • Practical storage box
  • Stackable and smooth interior
  • High-quality MDF board
  • Separate unit
  • Quick to clean
  • Easy to assemble

Material: MDF

Dimension: 81.3cm x 30cm x 63cm (L x W x H)