Moose Baby Safety Playpen Foldable Interactive

Moose Baby Safety Playpen Foldable Interactive

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Build your imagination playground. Set up your new kids play pen. Place your toddler inside with a bunch of toys. Keep an eye on them. Leave the door open if you want them to roam.

Assemble your plastic playpen yourself. Set it up indoors or outdoors. Make sure all the frame is connected tightly. Have a nap. No wait, let your kid have a nap. No wait, naps for all.

We all know kids are sneaky and fast. Put them in your large baby playpen. Stop chasing them around the yard. Keep them safe from dangers. Watch them enjoy their toys.

Sit down after cooking dinner. Look over to your kid’s play pen. So much mess inside but that is easy to tidy up. Keep the rest of your house safe when you have chores to do.

Keep your playpen locked firmly in place. The suction cups stop your infant sliding their play pen around the floor. Safety is the name of the game.

Key Features

  • Flexible 360° rotating connectors
  • 63cm high panels
  • Seamless hinges
  • No sharp edges
  • Safety external lock
  • Foldable and space saving
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free, and odourless
  • Quality inspection certificate

Brand: BoPeep

Material: HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

Quantity of fence panels: 14/16/18

Fence panels: 38cm x 63cm (L x H)

Door panels (2): 75cm x 63cm (L x H)

Colour: Brown and cream

  • 1x BoPeep Baby Playpen