My First Book 2 | Busy Book | Dressing Frames

My First Book 2 | Busy Book | Dressing Frames

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Dressing Frames," a Montessori-inspired Busy book designed to support children in developing practical life skills. This baby book is the perfect next step for children aged 3-6, offering more complex activities to foster independence and self-care.

In this book, children embark on a journey of self-discovery as they explore caring for themselves. They gradually transition from simple tasks to more intricate activities, building their confidence.

With a focus on dressing and grooming, children develop a sense of responsibility for their appearance and take pride in accomplishing these tasks independently.

Parents play a crucial role as observers and providers of the necessary tools for these
activities. Encouraging children's independence, parents allow them the freedom to choose their outfits and empower them to complete these self-care routines. Through practice, children refine their movements, developing fine motor skills and a sense of personal competence.

"My First Book 2: Dressing Frames" is not just a kids' book or a felt activity book; it's a valuable resource for parents seeking to promote their child's autonomy and self-sufficiency. With its Montessori approach and interactive design, this book nurtures practical life values while offering an engaging learning experience.