Nobodinoz Nevada Teepee

Nobodinoz Nevada Teepee

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Give free rein to their imagination and let them play for hours in their favorite playroom corner. They can hide, play, read and rest inside. Plus, it fits perfectly in your home decoration!

The interiors of modern families have been revolutionized by our collection of iconic teepees made in Spain and France. A Nobodinoz classic and a must-have for all children.

The Sunshine eco lunch bag stores your fruits and homemade cookies. Stop the use of cling film and aluminium foil, choose reusable packaging.

• dimensions: Open: H152 x Base ?120 cm • Closed (to store it): 175 cm

• easy to assemble
• wooden feathers and synthetic leather ribbons included
• includes a cover to store it

Assembly instructions:
1. Smoothly introduce the 5 wooden sticks into the fabric hems.
2. Press down, so that the sticks spread in circle.
3. Join the sticks at the top with the ribbon.
4. Add the decorative wooden feather.