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    Exploring the nuanced distinctions that light brings about is their cherished pursuit. They find delight in examining the ambiance forged by the interplay of form and light, and in considering how light affects your daily endeavours, from work to relaxation.

    To us, the allure of light lies in those serene moments it conjures. The morning sun paints the walls with a unique hue, while the moon's radiance envelops a room in a tranquil luminosity. Their approach to product design centres on highlighting light's distinctive attributes through simplicity. Their creations are characterised by minimalist forms and warm white hues, allowing light to take centre stage.

    Light's impact extends beyond spaces; it also shapes the experiences of those inhabiting them. With this in mind, we approach our lamp design earnestly, often resulting in cheerful smiles :)

    They are Mr Maria, and their designs harness light to craft welcoming aesthetics. Allow us to introduce our creations that infuse your day with a radiant glow – meticulously crafted with affection in Amsterdam.

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