La Millou Angel's Wings Head Support Pillow FRENCH RIVIERA BOY | Khaki

La Millou Angel's Wings Head Support Pillow FRENCH RIVIERA BOY | Khaki

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- Signature product of La Millou -

ANGEL'S WINGS TO SUPPORTING Header - Organic Cotton anti-shake cushion

Together with renowned physiotherapist Paul Zawitkowskim, La Millou has developed the optimal-shaped cushion, which reduces turbulence and ensures maximum comfort while traveling, especially for the younger ones.

We recommend this unique pillow from the birth of the baby. Thanks to a special profiling Angel 's Wings, the baby's head is less exposed to movements while driving or walking on uneven grounds.

But it is not the only feature, Angel's Wings perfectly fit the position of a child which ensures carefree sleep and comfort.

- Car seat

- Pram, stroller

- Bassinet

- Infant rocker, swings

- Changing table

Angel's Wings is filled with an anti-allergenic silicone filling - just like our other products can be washed in the washing machine. Angel 's Wings are available in most designs of our blankets and other products.

Angel's Wings are hand made to perfection, with the greatest precision and using the best quality materials.

Packed in a linen bag and decorated with a heart-tag. This is well suited to the role of a stylish and remarkable gift for a baby shower, birthday or any other pleasant occasion.

Our pillow Angel's Wings received a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child (No. Opinion: OP- 4634/2014)

Colour: Organic Cotton - Romantic Soul; Minky - Ecru

Certificates: OKO-TEX STANDARD 100, CE

Composition: 100% cotton, 100% polyester

Filling: Anti-allergic silicone down