Grosmimi PPSU Feeding Bottle 200ml (Newborn)

Grosmimi PPSU Feeding Bottle 200ml (Newborn)

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With a 200ml capacity and specially designed for those crucial first months, this bottle ensures a natural and comfortable feeding experience.

The stage 0 nipple, mimicking the shape of a mother’s breast, promotes easy latching and is perfect for combined-feeding routines. Prioritizing your baby's health, our bottle features an advanced anti-colic system with dual air valves to prevent stomachaches.

Crafted to endure, it handles temperatures up to 200℃, and is both microwave and sterilization safe. Beyond its function, safety is paramount - made BPA-free and boasting a wide neck for effortless cleaning.

– Breastlike Newborn Feeding Bottle.

-Anti-Colic design.

-Wide Neck, easy to clean, premium PPSU material, BPA free.