BoPeep Drawer Storage Cabinet Classified Toy Storage

BoPeep Drawer Storage Cabinet Classified Toy Storage

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Do you love to be neat and tidy? Keeping kids’ rooms neat and tidy is the golden unicorn. Are things scattered all over the floor in their bedroom? A toy box makes it easy to store clothes and toys neatly with a drawer storage cabinet.

Children are rarely careful. Your toy shelves with bins have child-safe rounded corners. No more worrying about them bonking their heads yet again. Anti-slide stoppers on the drawers so you can’t push them too far.

The benchtop on this storage cabinet allows for a display space. Set up a clock, nightlight or display their favourite books. Cupboard doors give easy access to things you want hidden. Pull out the storage bins to store necessary and everyday items.

Well organised. Everything has its place when you are well organised. Teach your kids the value of putting things away. Large capacity storage bins give peace of mind for future storage.

Convenient access to all their things. Foster independence. The height of the drawer storage cabinet allows kids to reach items for themselves. Maximum height is 84 centimetres.

Key features

  • Practical storage cabinet
  • Child-safe rounded corners
  • Smooth and durable
  • Anti-slide stoppers on drawers
  • Cupboard with swing-open door
  • Rectangular structure
  • Large capacity
  • Storage by item type

Note:Each tub can hold up to about 5kg in weight.

Package Content

  • 1 x BoPeep Drawer storage cabinet
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


  • Brand: BoPeep
  • Material: HDPE
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
  • Model 1: 67cm x 30cm x 60cm
  • Model 2: 99cm x 30cm x 60cm
  • Model 3: 99cm x 30cm x 84cm
  • Colour: White