Seven Bubble ultra quiet Kids Hair Dryer

Seven Bubble ultra quiet Kids Hair Dryer

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Made from durable and lightweight ABS plastic, this hair dryer is safe and easy for children to handle, ensuring that their delicate scalp is protected.

With multiple temperature and speed settings, it caters to various hair types and seasons. But wait, there's more! This hair dryer's constant temperature function guarantees that it won't get too hot, so it's perfect for drying your little one's cute little bottom too.

Designed with a cute and attractive appearance, this hair dryer makes hair drying time fun and enjoyable for kids. Its ultra-quiet operation means no more waking up the entire household during early morning or late-night hair drying sessions.

Equipped with a range of safety features, including overheat protection and automatic power-off, our hair dryer ensures the utmost safety for your child. So, go ahead and grab the Seven Bubbles Hair Dryer, the ultimate hair and tushy-drying companion for your little ones!



  • Size: 178*64*121.5mm
  • Rated voltage: 220v~
  • Rated power: 400w
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Cable length: 180cm