Short Story Disney Candle and Carousel Princess

Short Story Disney Candle and Carousel Princess

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Indulge your Disney heart with the delightful fragrance of a Disney x Short Story candle and carousel set. Delicious notes of sweet pink lychees and vanilla float along a floral breeze, beautifully balanced with a wisp of blueberry bliss.

You'll find yourself completely charmed when this candle is alight - the golden carousel will turn on its own to spark magic and delight! Featuring four gorgeous pendants inspired by Disney princesses and their trusty pals with motifs from each of their iconic movies, you’ll be left completely enchanted by this whimsical set.

Discover magic, awaken nostalgia and journey into the heart of Disney.


Top: Lychee, apple, rum
Middle: Geranium, plum, blueberry
Base: Vanilla, musk

Unbox your gorgeously scented candle and place it in your favorite space.
Assemble the carousel by inserting the flat end of the support bar into the slot in the base piece, ensuring that the bend in the bar is facing inwards.
Attach the windmill piece to the top of the support bar and hook the pendants into the holes at the outer edge.
Light your candle before carefully placing your carousel on top of it. The carousel will begin spinning on its own as the candle heats the air around it.

  • - Golden carousel with 4x gorgeous princess pendants
  • - 280g Disney soy candle
  • - 40 hour burn time
  • - 100% cotton wick
  • - Safety tested
  • - Beautiful bespoke gift-ready box set with iconic Disney imagery and gold foil details
  • - Inspired by the personality of Disney characters and carries an iconic quote
  • - Designed in Australia

Please note temperature and humidity will affect the rotation speed of the carousel. There may also be a slight tilt on your windmill due to the weight distribution of the princess pendants.