Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toy: Busy Woodpecker knocker

Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toy: Busy Woodpecker knocker

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Constant action and sound for fun all around! Busy little hands knocking the tree with Mr. Woodpecker! This cute wooden wall toy is great for babies 6 months+. Put this near their crib or create a small play wall with more wall toys. A perfect addition to a modern nursery.

Age suitability: 9 months +

  • Product:
    • Length: 7.3in | 18.5cm
    • Height: 10.5in | 26.6cm
    • Weight: 0.26lbs | 118g
  • Packaging:
    • Length: 8.5in | 21.5cm
    • Width: 2.4in | 6cm
    • Height: 13in | 33.1cm
    • Weight: 0.84lbs | 380g

Made With Love 

Product meets and exceeds ASTM and EN standards.

Toys Stick Well On 

Raw wood, painted wood, laminates and most smooth surfaces.

Don't Stick Well On 

Textured painted walls, wallpaper and rough surfaces.