Grosmimi Straw Cup Strap

Grosmimi Straw Cup Strap

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Every parent knows the tale of the frequently misplaced children's water bottle. Between outings and visits to the childcare center, keeping track of it can be a challenge. Our Straw Cup Strap offers a solution. Simply attach it to your Grosmimi bottle, sling it over the shoulder or attach to a bag, and enjoy hassle-free hydration. It's not just convenient, but a stylish way to ensure your child's bottle stays close and doesn't get left behind. Perfect for active families on the go.


-Product can be used when replacing Grosmimi PPSU/Stainless straw cup handle.

-Convenient for carrying out, easy to adjust length (min. 40cm, max.80cm).

-Product should be used in a crossbody position, please be careful not hang the strap on the neck of child.