Kids Soft Foam Ball Pit

Kids Soft Foam Ball Pit

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 Launch your child into their super happy ball pit. Watch them play in the balls. Make sure your toddler can sit up before you put them in the ball pit. The sides are flexible and safe for your kids.

Fill your ball pit one ball at a time. 200 balls later you will question why you didn’t add them all at once. Sensory play for your little one. Joy for you as you watch them have fun.

All the ball pit balls are plastic. They are easy to clean. Young kids are not always very clean or hygienic. You know what we mean. Keep your ball pit clean if any accidents happen.

Pass your soft ball pit down from child to child. You could always gift your second-hand ball pit to your friend’s kids. Too bad this is too small for adults to play with.

Make up some games for your new indoor ball pit. Put a few smaller balls in the pit. Let your child find it. Reward them if they manage to find the special balls before the time is up.

Key Features

  • Soft ball pit with smooth edges
  • 360° anti-rollover protection
  • 25kg/m3high-quality memory foam
  • Hidden zipper
  • Portable and foldable
  • Easy to pull apart and clean.
  • Shrink-proof skin-friendly velvet.
  • Non-toxic plastic

Note: The foam will be compressed when you first open it. Give it 3 days to reshape.

Material: PE 25kg/m3 memory foam velvet

Ball quantity: 200

Ball diameter: 5.5cm

Pool dimension: 30cm x 90cm (H x Dia.)


  • 1 x BoPeep Foam Pool
  • 200 x BoPeep Ocean Ball