Micro Majority Kids Roller Blades

Micro Majority Kids Roller Blades

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The Majority Micro inline skates are the perfect roller blades for beginners as they have strong outer shells, adjustable sizing, high quality frames with an integrated impact resistant plastic base for safety and protection.

The skate liner creates the ultimate ergonomic fit, completed with a thickened memory liner and cushioning shock absorbers for comfort and practicality. Swiss designed Majority Skate provides firm yet comfortable support for both the ankle and foot.

Breathable fabric and a Maxivent insole provide sturdy, long-lasting and not to mention comfortable skates for kids - even over long distances!

Micro majority inline skates provide a smooth ride with high quality PU wheels which work to iron out the lumps and bumps in the pavement. The ergonomic braking system makes it easy and effortless to stop. Best for Beginners

Age Range 3-18y
Max Load 100kg
Weight 2.7kg
Wheel Size 23-26 4x58mm
Wheel Size 27-30 4x70mm
Wheel Size 31-34 4x70mm
Wheels 80A High Quality PU
Frame Integrated Black Plastic
Top Buckle Safety Lock Tech
Mid Strap 3D Rubber Magic Power Strap
Upper Semi Soft with Ventilation Material
Cuff Lightweight
Bearings ABEC5
Liner Memory Foam
Laces No
Ventilations Insole Yes