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Can you find the missing link?

Fit all puzzle pieces on the game board. But watch out!

There are 36 puzzle parts but only 24 free places on the game board!

Open rings and balls of different puzzle pieces can occupy the same place when you link them the right way. 

  • Pocket Games
  • For age 8 to adult
  • Single Player
  • 120 Challenges
Stimulating Key Skills:
  • Spatial Insight
  • Concentration
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning
  • Logic

Inside the Box: Compact game board with lid, 12 translucent puzzle pieces, booklet with challenges and solutions 

For almost 30 years now Smart has been committed to create inspirational & educational toys.

From the beginning, the brand has been dedicated to ensuring its games are both fun and educational. By incorporating multi-level challenges, Smart Games ensures players can evolve with the game, enhancing cognitive skills and keeping minds sharp.

Their award-winning games are designed to stimulate young minds, making learning both engaging and fun.

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