TOI Cat in Art Puzzle - The Scream

TOI Cat in Art Puzzle - The Scream

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These cat in art puzzles are a quirky take on famous paintings throughout history.

These puzzles come in their own little tin like book case. Replace the painter Munch in the Scream with the image of a cat. The cat holds its chin with its hands, its ears erect, its round eyes wide open, and its mouth wide open as if screaming; the original depressive atmosphere is accompanied by the same writhing body and little cat as the background. His expression was actually nervous with a hint of cuteness.


  • Package size: 9.5cm X 11cm X 3cm
  • Puzzle Size: 15 * 20cm
  • Includes: 1 Puzzle Tin, 126 Puzzle Pieces
  • Ages: 14+